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Collaborating globally to transform perceptions of Parkinson Disease through creative advocacy.

Tips - Helping Ourselves Today

Don’t give up on your passions.

Live in the moment.

Reach out to others.

  • Motivation and inspiration for exercise: Exercise is something that everyone can do even when your mobility is limited. Keeping your body moving will give you more energy and a better quality of life. It may even slow the progression of PD.

  • Be flexible—adapt: if something doesn't work try something different. For example if it's hard to get your arm in your coat sleeve, see if a coat with a slippery lining makes it easier. Nothing stays the same—be creative.

  • A True Story: One of our PCC friends was dying from cancer. She cashed in her life insurance, rented a 4 bedroom apartment overlooking a bay, arranged for hospice and invited friends and family to visit and stay with her. A gracious, creative end to a tough PD advocate’s life. Thank you Paula!

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