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Collaborating globally to transform perceptions of Parkinson Disease through creative advocacy.

NOTICE: The Parkinsons Creative Collective, a non profit organization, has ended its operations. Print books are no longer available. The free download of the PDF version will continue to be available on this site and other sites in the future.

Tips - Helping Ourselves Today

Don’t give up on your passions.

Live in the moment.

Reach out to others.

  • Motivation and inspiration for exercise: Exercise is something that everyone can do even when your mobility is limited. Keeping your body moving will give you more energy and a better quality of life. It may even slow the progression of PD.

  • Be flexible—adapt: if something doesn't work try something different. For example if it's hard to get your arm in your coat sleeve, see if a coat with a slippery lining makes it easier. Nothing stays the same—be creative.

  • A True Story: One of our PCC friends was dying from cancer. She cashed in her life insurance, rented a 4 bedroom apartment overlooking a bay, arranged for hospice and invited friends and family to visit and stay with her. A gracious, creative end to a tough PD advocate’s life. Thank you Paula!

  • Page 21. Telling others you have PD.
  • Page 121. Keeping motivated.
  • Page 129. The power of exercise.
  • Page 213. Time is Not Neutral.